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      "We Transport Precious Cargo ... Children"

Attendance Zone Maps

Elementary Schools' Attendance Zone Map*

Middle Schools' Attendance Zone Map*

* To the best of our ability, this map is accurate.
However, please do not rely solely on this
resource if you have questions.
 Please call GCPS Transportation (804-693-2127)
for detailed information regarding specific
911 addresses/locations.

#1 Positive Behavior Achievers

 The transportation department, along with the schools,
is promoting a positive approach
to discipline on the buses and in the schools.
Check Here for Updates Throughout the School Year

   1st Quarter  2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter
 Abingdon ES  Bus 99     Sandy Pernell
 Bus 94      Nancy White
Bus 109    Marjorie Bryson
 Achilles ES  Bus 103   Becky Jenkins
 Bus 103    Becky Jenkins
Bus 31      Dawn Barkers
 Bethel ES  Bus 26     Andre Billups
 Bus 106    Sharon West
Bus 97      Sherry Moody
 Botetourt ES  Bus 91     Lisa Washington
 Bus 104    Donna Milby
Bus 32      Darlene Diamond
 Petsworth ES  Bus 120   Butch Downey
 Bus 40      Teresa White
Bus 76      Denise Sanzone
 Page MS  Bus 64     Kathy Curtis
 Bus 42      Patryce Cameron-Jenkins
Bus 15      Cherie Camechis
 Peasley MS  Bus 8       Becky Davis
 Bus 78      Stephen Parker
Bus 54      Dallace Marable
   School Bus Drivers Wanted
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   Benefits Include:
Sick Leave-Personal Leave

   For More Information
Call 693-1470



The Gloucester County pupil transportation system is a unique and complex operation.  The pupil transportation system operates 87 buses routes, transporting over 4,500 students to and from school each day.  Bus drivers must operate their vehicles on roads ranging from interstate highways to remote, rugged secondary roads.  Operating over one (1) million miles per year, pupil transportation is the vital link between the home and an effective educational program at school.   The maintenance personnel ensure the entire transportation fleet is maintained in a most safe and efficient manner. We are proud of all staff who work in harmony to ensure a safe, efficient, and responsive transportation system.
 5644 George Washington Memorial Highway
 Gloucester, Virginia 23061
FAX   804-693-4478
Vickram Rajpaul, Director of Transportation Services

Main Office 804-693-2127
Crystal Blowe, Pupil Transportation Specialist II
Daniel Burnett, Transportation Shop Manager 804-693-1472
Tina West, Dispatcher 804-693-2127


"We Transport Precious Cargo...Children"